Create with Code: User Interface

Create with Code: Unit 5 User Interface
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This quiz will assess your knowledge of the skills and concepts learned in Unit 5. This quiz will assess your ability to:

  • Create a Game Manager object that controls game states
  • Detect where the user has clicked their mouse in order to create a click-based program
  • Use the Canvas to create UI elements like a Title, Buttons, or score display
  • Lock elements and objects into place on the UI with Anchors
  • Use variables and script communication to update elements in the UI
  • Make UI elements appear and disappear with .SetActive
  • Use script communication and Game states to implement working “Game Over” screen
  • Restart the game using a UI button and SceneManagement class
  • Add listeners to detect when a UI Button has been clicked and trigger functionality
  • Set difficulty of gameplay from title screen by passing parameters between scripts