Virtual Reality Coding 1: Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams Live Classes
Join the Live Class Now: PERIOD 3 | PERIOD 4 | PERIOD 6 | PERIOD 8

Join me each and every day as we dive into our class in Live Teams sessions in Microsoft Teams. During each live class, you will spend most of your time learning by using your creativity to program. Throughout the live class, help will be provided and students who need additional help after class can email Mr. Gant to set up a time or attend Office Hours.


  • Attendance (5 min)
  • Introduction to Big Idea/Topic (5 min)
  • Assignment Overview (10 min)
  • Creativity, Collaboration, Unplugged Activities, Programming (60 min)
  • 3-2-1 Wrap Up (10 min)


Microsoft Teams Assignments
Turn in Assignments Now: PERIOD 3 | PERIOD 4 | PERIOD 6 | PERIOD 8

You will turn in all your work on Microsoft Teams in Assignments. Follow the instructions on each assignment and when you are done, turn it in on Microsoft Teams.

Late Work Policy
Make sure to turn in your work on time to get full credit