Full-Time Remote Bootcamp (Unity Developer)

Learn 3 full stacks from anywhere in just 14 weeks.


Your career as a Full-Stack Unity Developer starts Day 1.

In just 14 weeks, you’ll transform into a self-sufficient, well-rounded Unity developer who has all the critical skills to have a long, healthy career. Our in-depth three-stack program is complete with hands-on learning, robust support from our rockstar roster of instructional staff, our industry-tested learning platform, and more – so you are both challenged and supported throughout the journey. Integrated into every step of the program is our career services experience. You’ll have unlimited, lifetime access to our career services team, who have successfully placed thousands of graduates nationwide. Our grads often say that Coding Dojo is the most rewarding, yet difficult thing they’ve ever done. We’re deeply proud every day of our 6000+ grads, and we hope to count you among them.


3 Full Stacks, 3 Certifications, 3 Times The Learning

The tech world doesn’t use just 1 Full-Stack, so we believe our students shouldn’t either. Our curriculum covers more Unity, C#, and Game Development technologies than any other online coding course – without sacrificing depth for breadth. Not only does this mean you’ll graduate with more skills and a more impressive portfolio, but you’ll be more prepared to learn the programmings, game development, and XR skills of tomorrow. With 3 Full Stacks at your fingertips, you’ll be ready for anything. Preparing to take 3 Full Industry Certifications, you will have both the skills and be ready to take the certifications to shine in your future Game Design career.

The Basics (WARMUP)

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2 WEEKS | Programming Basics
To make sure that our students are set up for success, all full-time students take a skills assessment to see whether programming basics would be helpful for them, or if they should skip straight to Unity fundamentals & Tools. There is no additional cost, regardless of where you start your Dojo journey.

Unity Fundamentals and Tools (START)

WEEKS 1-2 | Unity Fundamentals & Tools
Learn the basics of Unity and build your first set of games with C# programming. You will learn to navigate the Unity Editor and grow comfortable moving around in 3D Space. You will also use your C# Programming skills to to create your first full fledge game.

2D & 3D Game Development (STACK 1)

WEEK 3-6 | Unity Certified User: Programmer
Future creators, start on your path to a career within the real-time 3D ecosystem. Learn foundational Unity and C# programming skills, and tell the world that you’re ready to create games and apps in Unity. You will learn to make multiple 2D and 3D projects that you will add to your game development portfolio

XR: Augmented & Virtual Reality Development (STACK 2)

WEEKS 7-9 | Unity Certified User: VR Developer
Future creators, start here on your path to a career within the real-time 3D ecosystem. Learn foundational Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality skills to show you have began to master the foundations of creating VR experiences with Unity. You will learn to make both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects that you will add to your game development portfolio.

Digital Artistry (STACK 3)

Unity Certified User: Artist

WEEKS 10-12 | Unity Certified User: Artist
Gain a competitive advantage in the job market by validating your technical skills and mastery of the artistic execution of a real-time interactive software project. Learn a mix of artistic and technical skills within the context of professional software development processes.


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WEEKS 13-14 | Programming Basics
It’s time to show of the skills you have learn and development your own game. In this game jam you will make a video game from scratch within the last 2 weeks. You will go through the entire game development process including Project Pitch, Project Alpha, Playtesting, and Project Presentation.

Graduation (YOU WIN)

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You made it! Upon graduation, you have proven yourself as a full three-stack game developer with Unity. Not only do you posses a backlog of assignments that test your dev skills, but you have build compelling projects that prove you as a commodity in the industry. You have obtained 3 Unity industry certifications that make you ready for your new career in game development.