Assessing your Results

You can access your reports for the previous year to asses your results to help your teaching instructional practices and strategies this year.

Teacher AP Online Reports

Subject Score Roster

Roster for each AP subject you teach listing all students and their AP scores, along with a table summarizing the total numbers of each AP score (1 to 5) and average score in that subject. If your school designated course sections on students’ answer sheets, the data displayed are specific to a particular section/teacher of the course.

AP Instructional Planning Report – By Section

Report showing the performance of your students on the multiple-choice and free-response sections and on specific topics within an AP Exam, compared to all students. Data are specific to particular sections/teachers of a course.



  • Take a Moment to Access your previous scores
  • Reflect on what you think was a success
  • Reflect on what areas you will try new strategies on in the future
  • Share Out with Teachers to gather common idea