Big Idea 5: Impact Of Computing

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Computers and computing have revolutionized our lives. To use computing safely and responsibly, we need to be aware of privacy, security, and ethical issues. As programmers, we need to understand the potential impacts of our programs and be responsible for the consequences. As computer users, we need to understand any potential beneficial or harmful effects and how to protect ourselves and our privacy when using a computer.

Essential Questions: Big Idea 5 impact of Computing
AP CSP Course & Exam Description Pg 111

Reflection (5 Minutes)

  1. What does this mean to you?
  2. How would you teach this?
  3. What Curriculum are you using and how does it teach this topic?

Share Out

A big part of success is sharing what other strategies are successful. We will share out successful ideas and strategies. This is the part you want to take notes of great ideas and strategies you hear so you can implement this in your classroom.

Big Idea 5 Impact of Computing
AP CSP Course & Exam Description Pg 112