AP Teacher Week 2020: AP Question Bank

AP Teacher Week 2020: Learn about the Topic Questions in AP Classroom and how they provide students with practice applying the content and skills for each topic within a unit, enabling teachers to check for understanding early and often to inform individual and class-level supports. These multiple-choice and free-response questions are specifically selected to give teachers insight into student understanding of the topics and skills presented in every unit.

Built for Any Learning Environment 

  • In Person, Hybrid/Blended, Online: Assign AP practice exams in class or online as the exam approaches so students can practice demonstrating their knowledge and skills. Use the Question Bank to search for or filter real AP Exam questions that can be used for in-class or online assessments.

When to Use Topic Questions:

  • Topic Questions are for daily use, as teachers teach each topic. 
  • Practice Questions are best used as in preparation for the AP Exam 

Keep in mind

  • Teachers can assign in-class or as homework assignments.
  • Students only see questions assigned by their teacher