AP Teacher Curriculum Review

TUE AUG 18, 2020 8am-12pm
Advanced Placement (AP) workshops provide teachers with an overview of curriculum frameworks, structures, and content of specific AP courses. Attention is devoted not only to the development of curriculum but also to the teaching strategies and the relationship of the course to the AP Examination. The AP Computer Science Principles workshop will provide new and experienced teachers with a rich staff development opportunity. This session is for new and experienced APCSP teachers preparing to deliver the course during 2020-2021.


8:00a-9:00a (Overview & Big Ideas)

  • 8-8:10a: Overview & Welcome
  • 8:10a-8:20a: Big Idea 1: Creative Development
  • 8:20a-8:30a: Big Idea 2: Data
  • 8:30a-8:40a: Big Idea 3: Algorithms & Programming
  • 8:40a-8:50a: Big Idea 4: Computer Networks & Systems
  • 8:50a-9:00a: Big Idea 5: Impact Of Computing

9:00a-10:00a (AP Collegeboard)

  • 9:00a-9:10a: AP Course Audit
  • 9:10a-9:20a: Syllabus, CED Binder
  • 9:20a-9:30a: 10 MIN BREAK
  • 9:30a-9:50a: AP Classroom
  • 9:50a-10:00a: AP Daily

10:00a-10:30a (AP Teacher Week, Exams)

  • 10:00a-10:05a: AP Teacher Week Videos
  • 10:05a-10:15a: Textbook – Invitation to Computer Science
  • 10:15a-10:25a: EOC Exam (70%)
  • 10:25a-10:40a: Create Performance Task (30%)

10:40a-11:00a (Questions)

  • Answer any pending questions

11:00a-12:00p (Individual Study: CED Binder)

Course Content

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