Big Idea 2: Data (Topic 2.1 Binary Numbers – Unplugged Activity with Emoji’s/Pixels)

DAT-1: The way a computer represents data internally is different from the way the data are interpreted and displays dfor the user. Programs are used to transfer data into a representation more easily understood by people.

Unplugged Activity: Students use engaging games and puzzles that use manipulative and kinesthetic learning activities.

Purpose: Provides students with a different way of engaging with the material, away from the computer to further understanding


  • Download the Unplugged Activity document below.
  • Complete the Unplugged Activity AWAY FROM YOUR ANY TECHNOLOGY
  • Once you completed the Unplugged Activity away from technology, fill in the Unplugged Activity Document with the details of your experience
  • Turn in your work to your teacher by following their directions

Unplugged Activity Details

Follow the details below to complete this Unplugged Activity away from any technology.


  • Make sure you understand the steps above to compute from binary numbers to decimal and vice versa.
  • Print out the Unplugged Document above and get AWAY from the computer to complete your assignment.  MOST IMPORTANT – GET AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!
  • When done computing the numbers AWAY from the computer, take a picture of your Unplugged Activity Document. Come back to the computer and type in all your results into the Unplugged document and also explain any issues you had or difficulties in computing these numbers
  • Save and turn in your work to your teacher by following their directions.

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