AP Master Class (Reagan) Makeup

Welcome back Reagan/Doral students. I am glad that they were able to keep you all with me and provide you to continue your path learning Computer Science. I told you all and then back on Sep 7th that this would be the best choice, however it is now Oct 19th and you all have gotten far behind. I created this page to provide you with the same programs in class that I did with the students who have been in AP Master class. It will be hard work to get caught up, but I am here to help you all along the way.

Class Calendar

Programming Assignments in Class

Below is the programming assignment that I did in class with AP Master Students. You will have to work on your own to get caught up, but make sure you reference these coding solutions.

Unit 1: Lesson 4 (Number Calculations)

Unit 1: Lesson 5: Modular Division

Unit 1: Lesson 6: Numeric Casts

Unit 1: Assignment 1 (Movie Ratings)

Unit 2: Lesson 1: Strings and Class Types

Unit 2: Lesson 2: Escape Characters and String Concatenation

Unit 2: Lesson 3: String Functions

Unit 2: Lesson 4: Classes and Objects

Unit 2: Lesson 5: Using Constructors

Unit 2: Lesson 6: Using Methods

Unit 2: Lesson 7: Wrapper Classes

Debug Codes Provided on ProjectStem. Find the bugs in the code

Unit 2: Lesson 8: Math Functions

Unit 2: Assignment 2: Control Tower