I originally built this website to create an online digital classroom for my students where they could have an individual portfolio of all their work to have to be able to show to colleges, employers and etc. After receiving so many requests from fellow educators, I have expanded Ganttech.com to additionally be a teaching resource for teachers and visitors throughout the education system. I hope my website helps becomes a valuable resource that you can use to help educate your students in your class.

Students or Parents

On my GantTech.com you as a student and parent, will be able to access everything you need for your current/previous courses including Class AssignmentsBell Ringers,Student WorkTutorial Videos, and much more.

Teachers or Visitors

On GantTech.com, you as a teacher or visitor, will be able to utilize all my videos and content for free with your classroom. You will find an entire school year (Instructional Focus Calendar) mapped directly to the latest AP Computer Science Principles CED Binder, Virtual Reality Coding and more. My goal was to make it as easy as possible for any teacher, teaching in person or through distance learning could utilize this site, videos, and pacing guide to teach this course with little or no background in computer science.

Giving Every Student an Opportunity to Learn through Computer Science For All