FRI 3/13-20: AP EXAM Create Task (24% of Exam)

Report to Room 102 on the days of your AP Create Task Exam.

  • Fri 3/13  & Mon 3/16: EXAM Period 3 (12 hours)
  • Tue 3/17 & Wed 3/18: EXAM Period 5 (12 Hours)
  • Thu 3/19 & Fri 3/20: EXAM Period 7 (12 Hours)

AP EXAM: Understanding the AP Create Task (24% Of AP Score)

Programming is a collaborative and creative process that brings ideas to life through the development of software. Programs can help solve problems, enable innovations, or express personal interests. In this performance task, you will be developing a program of your choice. Your development process should include interatively designing, implementing, and testing your program.

You will be provided with a minimum of 12 hours of class time to complete and submit the following

  • A video of your program working
  • Individual written responses about your program and development process
  • Program code

Read through the guidelines


  • Open the Create Task Rubric below to help you while you write your written responses.

The template for completing the Create Individual Written Responses can be downloaded below.

  1. Open the following Template
    The following template will be used to write your responses.
  2. Make a Copy Of Template
    Select Share
  3. Save the Document to your Drive
    Rename the file whatever you want

    Select the CLASS SHARED FOLDER location on your Google Drive where you want to save
  4. Complete your Written Response
    Hints to Write a Perfect Create Task Response

    Use the examples below to fill in each section of your written response.
    2 A: Developing a Program With A Purpose

    2B: Development Process & Enhcancements/Difficulties

    2C: App Main Algorithm (Procedure)

    2D: App Abstraction (Procedure)

    Complete your Written Response

    Go back and fill in the sections for this app assignment.

Turning In On Portfolio

Click on the image below for an example portfolio page.
1. Insert your Written Response under Work by selecting

b) Edit the properties to make it Width: 450 Height: 600

c) Find your Document and Add it To your Portfolio Page

Example Portfolio Page