Jamie Gant is an innovative high school teacher  in the Miami-Dade County Public School system. Jamie was born July 10, 1980 in Detroit Michigan. At the age of 2 his family moved to Miami, where he would live the remainder of his life and become a influential contributor to his community.

Jamie is a product of the Miami-Dade County Public school system and is apart of the first graduating class of Barbara Goleman Sr. High School. As a high school senior in 1998, Jamie took all the courses available and only had 2 classes (AP Physics and Gifted English). Jamie enrolled in the Advanced Academic Internship program where for the remainder of the day, he went to work for Internet Marketing Associates, a local web design company. During this senior year, Jamie interned and help work on the first MTV Latino website. This was his first introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, and Macromedia Photoshop. After High school, he attended Florida State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

After college, Jamie began a career with Cox Radio Miami, where he worked with the 4 top radio stations (93.1 Rock, 97.3 The Coast, 99.1 Jamz, and Hot 105.1) as their Intenet & Computer Director. There he gained valuable industry experience and knowledge he would later use in the classroom. After 7 years at Cox Radio, Jamie decided he needed to join  his family’s tradition. His mother (Karen Gant), his brother (Eugenio Gant) and his sister (Alicia Gant), are currently educators with the Miami-Dade County Public School system. He recognized his family’s calling and decided to pass on his knowledge to the future of America, the students.

Jamie is a natural in the classroom and hit the ground running to share his industry knowledge and computer experience with students. He took his knowledge and choose to work in urban area schools to expose the students of that community to computers. By exposing these students, he strived to inspire a drive in them to compete with other schools and has pushed the students to go on to colleges and pursue careers in computers.


Recently many of his students were accepted into colleges like the Art Institute, Arizona State, and Georgia Tech to continue their pursuit for a career in computers. Students can take this industry standard certification into the workforce for immediate jobs and internship opportunities that will make them stand apart from their peers.

Mr. Gant has expanded his teaching duties by providing free workshops at Florida International University on the weeks for FIU Students and also South Florida Educators. He shares his knowledge with educators to help them in their classrooms. Some of the workshops that he offers are Teaching App Design using App Inventor, Building a Class Website using WordPress,  and Building and Publishing Your Own App. The free classes help fellow educators learn teaching strategies to utilize in their own classrooms.  Recently, Mr. Gant has given fellow teachers access to his teaching materials and videos on Ganttech. This has helped educators get industry certified in Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash.

The College Board who governs Advanced Placement college courses for high school students released their new course AP Computer Science Principles during the 2016-17 school. This course is to provide access to all students to Computer Science. Mr. Gant taught this course to minorities and helped expose these students to programming with JavaScript, HTML, App Inventor, and Java. Additionally students learned cryptography, and cyber security. Jamie Gant was apart of the historic first AP Reader Grading of exams. There were 46,500 exams in the initial year with projections to double and triple. Mr. Gant is also a College Board Mentor for AP Computer Science Principles to help new teachers to teach this course.