Read below to complete this assignment.


Read through the Create Task performance Task instructions below.

Create Task Rubric (24% Of Exam)

Read through the Create Task Rubric. This is exactly how you will be graded.


During the 2nd Grading term, you made an app in MIT App Inventor called Favorite Artist App Design & Favorite Artist App Coding.

Below is the final design you created.


Below is the final code that you coded.

Example App Working

Below is an example app showing you my Rihanna Favorite Artist App. Use this to try to figure out how to code your artist app.

Updating the Code

You will update the Code to fit all criteria from the Create Task Rubric and do a Written Response for this app.

  1. Follow Along in Class to Update the Code to make it compliant for the Create Task
  2. Test your App and Also Record your App for the Create Task Practice

Recording your App

Part of your CREATE Task is recording your app working and narrating it. Come to Mr. Gant when you are ready to record your finished app. He will walk you through the process.

  • You will use the following app to record and narrate your create task.

    Read up more information


Download Template for Written Responses

The template for completing the Create Individual Written Responses can be downloaded below. Please see Assessment Overview and Performance Task Directions for Students for the task directions. This file must be converted to PDF format before it can be uploaded and submitted as final in the Digital Portfolio. For more, information on how to convert your file to PDF, please refer to the Student User Guide for AP Computer Science Principle

  1. Open the following Template
    The following template will be used to write your responses.
  2. Make a Copy Of Template
    Select Share
  3. Save the Document to your Drive
    Rename the file whatever you want

    Select the location on your Google Drive where you want to save
  4. Complete your Performance Task
    Write your written responses inside this template. Also paste any code in the appropriate sections.

Turning In On Portfolio

Follow the instructions below to turn in your assignment on your student portfolio.

TUTORIAL VIDEO: (How to turn in Assignments on Portfolio)


Open up your portfolio and go to the current grading term under MY WORK

Create a and change the name of the  from

newPostUntitled Post



Create the following sections on your portfolio page

Below are the sections for your portfolio page


  • Type a description of your app in your own words
  • Use the Snipping Tool to get an image of your entire App Inventor Workspace.


Insert an image of your only your screens for this app.  


Insert the video of your program running below. You need to narrate your program.

  • From the Tablet, email your video to yourself.
  • Upload the Video to your Google Drive
  • On your Portfolio. Select INSERT -> DRIVE -> VIDEO
  • Locate  your Video of your app running and insert it


Insert the written response

  • On your Portfolio. Select INSERT -> DRIVE -> DOCUMENT
  • Locate  your Video of your app running and insert it


  1. Describe your experience with App Inventor so far. What you have learned, how you can use it, and the entire personal learning journey for this unit.
    Answer this question in your own words.
  2. For the Create Task Rubric Row 4-6. Submit an Algorithm. What parts of the Code did we need to update to fit the Create Task Rubric.
    Answer this question in your own words.
  3. Describe the process of your first practice CREATE for AP Computer Science Principles? Specifically focusing on the Written portion and questions. Describe your process.
    Answer this question in your own words.
  4. The CREATE Task is 24% of your AP Exam grade. Describe your strategy to get the most points on this exam portion. What are you going to do? What is your strategy? Describe what type of app or program you plan on creating for your final AP Exam Create Task.
    Answer this question in your own words.